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Hogan 360°

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Hogan 360

The Hogan 360 is a highly versatile tool that can be customised to meet organisational needs, available in a range of languages, in use in 30+ countries, and has an extensive global benchmark of over 9,000 leaders.  Aligned with Hogan's core assessments, the Hogan 360 uses easy to interpret leadership framework to provide a real time look at an individual's attitude, behaviour and performance. 


The Hogan 360 is based on the following leadership model:



Refers to personal awareness, self-regulation, stress management, resilience, transparency, and authenticity. It describes the process of managing one’s emotions maturely to achieve the best outcomes. It may require positive self-talk and recovery periods to fuel peak performance in turbulent times and avoid burnout. Successful self-management requires management of yourself and taking care of your brand and reputation.

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Relationship Management
Refers to the ability to achieve better results through better relationships. It is about getting along with others in order to get ahead. It can involve the ability to build trusting, loyal relationships with stakeholders to support retention and performance. Successful relationship management requires recognition that your own level of performance relies on the performance of your team, which in turn relies on their engagement.

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Working in the Business
Refers to having the experience, capability and efficiency to consistently deliver great results. It requires having the energy, passion, and competitive drive to stay in the performance zone. Success in this area can involve smarter prioritisation of work, more delegation, better time management, and more effective goal setting. It is about achieving service and operational excellence in a timely, efficient manner.

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Working on the Business
Refers to adding extra value through innovation and strategic planning and building motivated, accountable teams. Success in this area can involve long-term planning to achieve competitive advantage and delivering results through high-performing cultures. Leading change requires spending more time on the business, having a planning cycle, conducting regular planning reviews, and challenging poor performers.


Hogan 360

Hogan 360
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The report uses an easy-to-interpret leadership framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour, and performance. Commonly used for development purposes, the report offers constructive feedback and sets priorities for improvement.


Hogan 360 Report Includes:

  • Rater perceptions relating to four key themes of a leadership model (self-management, relationship management, working in the business and working on the business)
  • A breakdown of the four leadership themes into specific competency areas important to leader success
  • Optionally benchmark candidate scores against thousands of managers that have also completed the Hogan 360 questionnaire


The Hogan 360° is recommended for use in conjunction with other Hogan personality-based solutions, such as Insight or the Leadership Forecast Series. 
insights series
leadership forecast


  • Career-minded young professionals can learn what they need to get to the next level.
  • Organisations can review manager performance and inform succession planning.
  • Derailing, transitioning, and developmentally-minded executives can receive candid feedback from colleagues and subordinates, which may otherwise be difficult to obtain.
  • Organisations can develop leaders and teams, while identifying talent and high-performing teams.
  • Coaching clients can use the report as a measure of improvement by running it as a test-retest measure.
  • The report can be used to monitor organisational change.


Custom Report Options

Hogan 360 Group Report: In order to compare Hogan 360 results across a particular team or group, Hogan can produce a Hogan 360 Group Report which aggregates all individual 360 results into one report.

Hogan 360 Summary Report: In order to compare Hogan 360 results for a number of individuals, a Hogan 360 Summary Report can be produced, which provides a side-by-side comparison of scores of individuals in a cohort.

Hogan 360° + Safety ReportIn order to compare Hogan 360° results along with Safety Leadership, Hogan can produce a Hogan 360° report that includes a measure of a leaders Safety Leadership.



A range of customisation options are available for the Hogan 360.  Please contact us to find out more or to request any of our custom reports.




  • Provides qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Makes specific recommendations for immediate action plans
  • Can be used in conjunction with, or independently from the Hogan Personality Assessments
  • Can compare with previous Hogan 360 data obtained for a repeatable bench marking tool
  • Benchmarks evaluation against an international norm group for a number of leadership levels
  • Available in multiple languages

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