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Emotional Intelligence - EQ

Intra and Inter personal development

It's EQ not IQ that matters in business


EQ Competencies



The degree to which a person seems in touch with his or her own emotions.


The degree to which a person seems aware of others' emotions and thoughts.


The degree to which a person seems able to maintain positive emotional states.


The degree to which a person seems able to intentionally affect others' moods, thoughts and behaviours.


The degree to which a person seems able to effectively communicate desired emotional states to others.


The degree to which a person seems able to feel what others are feeling.

EQ Report

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Key Features

  • Self-administered online
  • Takes 15 minutes to complete
  • Relevant for all organisations

Key Benefits

  • Over all EQ score
  • Pros and cons of each score
  • Summary of likely behaviours
  • Discussion points


Utilised in the EQ Report

The Hogan EQ Report is complied from the HPI and HDS assessments to predict EQ related competencies needed to recognise, process and manage emotions.  It provides organisations with a scientifically validated tool to measure emotional intelligence.  The easy to understand report provides an overall EQ score, as well as scores and feedback for the six emotional competencies; Awareness, Detection, Regulation, Influence, Expression and Empathy.

EQ Overview

Being able to manage your own and others' emotions is what really matters in business.  People skills determine success, and individuals who lack the ability to build effective relationships are destined to fail - no matter how smart or talented they are.  

So who has the highest EQ?  From thousands of assessments the Hogan Team analysed the data to find;

  • There was no significant difference between men and women(65.3% Vs 65.6%)  
  • Although EQ was relatively even across organisational level, jobs that depend most heavily on client or employee interaction showed the highest average EQ scores. (Customer support, Managers, Sales)

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