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Hogan Bespoke

Hogan Bespoke



At Advanced People Strategies, we provide customised talent management services that support HR strategy. Our innovative IT development team work closely with our consulting team, to build and implement cost-effective client solutions.


Skills gap analysis (from organisation to team level)

Integrated Talent Management Data

Senior Management Team Development

Competency Based Interviewing

Assessment and Development Centres

Mapping psychometric assessment tools to organisational competency models

Leadership training

Trusted Advisor programme


Level: N/A

Duration: Tailored to your company needs

Prior accreditation required: N/A

Senior Management Team Development

Assessment and Development Centres

What to Expect

As Trusted Advisors, we share our experience and expertise with our clients to help shape solutions that work. Our first step is to understand what you want to achieve, any challenges and barriers to overcome, time-scales, budget and technical constraints. We then draft a proposal and check with you that it meets expectations.


We constantly look to ensure our solutions are flexible, grow with demand and technology advances. Our clients sometimes want help setting up new services or roll-out until internal expertise or resources become available.


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