Probation / Parole Agents


Probation / Parole Agents


A State Department of Corrections (DOC) wanted to improve their selection procedures for Probation/Parole Agents. Probation/Parole Agents are responsible for preparing case plans for offenders, preparation of accurate investigations, reports, and case records, and providing guidance and support on issues such as drug and alcohol abuse. A review of alternative selection techniques suggested that including a personality assessment could significantly improve the selection of effective Probation/Parole Agents.


Hogan asked 86 incumbent Probation/Parole Agents to complete the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). The HPI evaluates people on seven characteristics that influence occupational success. Supervisors distinguished these individuals based on their interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, work attitude, planning/organizing, adaptability/flexibility, stress tolerance, and overall performance.


Successful Probation/Parole Agents tend to be rule abiding and conscientious (high Prudence), interested in learning (high Learning Approach), energetic and goal-oriented (high Ambition), and enjoy social interaction (high Sociability).

Hogan made recommendations for moderate and strong fit profiles. Individuals who met the moderate fit profile were nearly twice as likely to be rated as a high performer than those who did not meet the profile. In addition, individuals who met the strong fit profile were 2.86 times more likely to be rated as high performers as those who did not meet the high fit profile.