Leisure and Hospitality Rental Agents


Leisure and Hospitality Rental Agents


A member organisation of the world’s largest automotive rental network wanted to improve its selection procedures for hiring Rental Agents.


To determine the personal characteristics that defined high performing Rental Agents, Hogan conducted a validation study. First, Hogan asked incumbent Rental Agents to complete the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the industry standard for measuring normal personality in working adults. Next, Hogan obtained supervisory performance ratings and total sales data for incumbent Rental Agents to serve as criterion data for the study. Hogan used job analysis information, HPI data, Validity Generalization (VG) methods, and job performance data to evaluate performance in the Rental Agent job.


Research revealed that effective Rental Agents were calm under stress, goal-oriented and driven, and outgoing. Hogan also recommended additional screening guidelines to help identify Rental Agent applicants who were also skilled and tactful in social interactions and conscientious and detail-oriented. Based on these dimensions, Hogan established a selection profile for screening candidates into the Rental Agent job. Analyses using job performance ratings and total sales revealed that Rental Agents who met the recommended profile consistently outperformed those not meeting minimum cutoff scores.

These results illustrate the effectiveness of using the HPI to help select high performing Rental Agents and increase bottom-line organisational results by hiring the right people.