Leadership Development


Leadership Development


Hogan partnered with an American technology company that employs more than 80,000 people worldwide and develops, manufactures, sells, and supports computers, servers, data-storage devices, network-switches, personal digital assistants, software, televisions, computer peripherals and other technology-related products. They recognized a global need for high-potential talent identification and development driven by global expansion, competing market conditions, and human capital retention initiatives outlined by their corporate governance.


Their key talent program traditionally focused on the top 250 leaders within the organisation. The Talent Management team faced the daunting task of moving the high-potential talent identification and development process down to the next level in the organisation, which encompasses more than 2,600 current leaders. To manage this large initiative, they invited Hogan to provide pre-program assessments, individualized feedback to participants, and developmental planning.


The client used an internal nomination process and current job performance data to identify 426 leaders, across 23 countries, to participate in the 2007 “Emerging Leaders” program. Each leader completed the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). Once completed, they scheduled a two hour feedback session with one of Hogan’s leadership development coaches. This provided participants an insightful and goal oriented introduction in how their inter- and intra-personal characteristics influence their success, not only as a leader today, but also as a future leader within the organisation.

Hogan mapped the assessment scales to their Leadership Competency model, giving Hogan a common framework for providing developmental feedback based on an individual’s assessment results. Hogan coaches debriefed each participant within three months and helped participants create an individualized development plan, which formed the foundation of the “Emerging Leaders” program.

Program participants evaluated each phase of the “Emerging Leaders” program. Hogan’s assessments, feedback, and developmental planning sessions received a rating of 96 out of 100 possible points. Participants described the feedback sessions as “career changing”, “opening my eyes to key blind spots”, and “respectful of who I am, but forceful in terms of who I could become.” Although the client continues to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the project, 2008 saw 300 new participants enroll and begin a new cycle in the program.