Hospitality Job Families


Hospitality Job Families


Hogan collaborated with a large hotel and entertainment company to enhance their current selection process for Executive, Director, Manager, Leader, Culinary, and Individual Contributor job families. A review of alternative selection techniques suggested including personality and values assessment could significantly improve the selection of successful workers into each job family.


Hogan conducted a validity generalization research study to determine the most effective selection profile for each job family. After applying validity generalization techniques to archival criterion data in the Hogan archive, Hogan recommended a separate profile for each job family, consisting of Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) scales. The HPI is the industry standard for measuring normal, bright-side personality characteristics. The HDS identifies dark side tendencies capable of negatively impacting job performance. The MVPI assess similarities between personal values and organisational culture.


Hogan used several scales from the HPI, HDS, and MVPI across the multiple job families. Each profile was specifically tailored to the job requirements associated with each job family. For example, higher level jobs, such as those in the Executive and Director job families, benefited from the use of the HDS Bold and Imaginative scales as well as the MVPI Power scale, in addition to the HPI requirements of the profile. Executives and Directors who meet the recommended profile demonstrate the bright-side personal qualities associated with effective job performance, as well as a drive for status and achievement (MVPI Power) while maintaining a willingness to let others lead (HDS Bold) and an ability to remain practical and task focused (HDS Imaginative). Similarly, the Culinary job family benefited from the use of the MVPI Aesthetics scale. Culinary workers who met the recommended profile exhibit the bright-side personal qualities associated with effective job performance as well as a high value for creativity and a concern for the appearance of their work (MVPI Aesthetics).