Extermination - Pest Technicians


Extermination - Pest Technicians


A family-owned pest control company sought to improve their selection process for Pest Technicians by identifying the personal characteristics predictive of success. In this organisation, Pest Technicians are responsible for inspecting premises to identify infestation sources and provide chemical and other alternative solutions to resolve infestation problems.


Hogan recommended using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the industry standard for measuring personality and its impact on job performance, to identify outstanding performers in the Pest Technician job. Specifically, Hogan conducted a criterion-referenced validation study. Hogan collected supervisor ratings of job performance from 213 incumbent pest technicians. The company also provided Hogan with objective data on accounts serviced, customer service complaints, accidents, and other administrative metrics.


More successful Pest Technicians remain calm under pressure and have a positive attitude, show drive and self-starting tendencies, are focused and task oriented, show tact and are effective at maintaining relationships, are dependable and detail-oriented, show potential to excel in sales-focused roles, and build job-related knowledge. Hogan created a selection profile consistening of the following HPI Scales: Adjustment, Ambition, Sociability, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Prudence, Learning Approach and Sales Potential. Based on this research, these HPI scales formed the foundation of new screening guidelines used to select high-performing applicants for the Pest Technician job.

To illustrate how these selection recommendations would work in practice, Hogan compared Pest Technicians passing the profile to those not passing the profile. These comparisons showed that Pest Technicians passing the profile:

  • Generate twice as many new accounts each month
  • Are more likely to show up for a service call
  • Are less likely to be formally written up by the organisation
  • Get in fewer accidents

These findings demonstrate the potential for a significant return on investment (ROI). The use of the HPI as a selection tool provides cost savings resulting from fewer accidents and higher revenues due to an increase in new accounts.