An international provider of industrial gases needed to improve their selection process for drivers who transport the
company’s materials.


Hogan recommended using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) to identify outstanding performers in the driver job. The inventory, which has been used for over three decades, measures normal personality traits and matches them to job performance. The test evaluates people on seven scales that influence occupational success.

Hogan conducted a criterion-referenced validation study. This involved administering the assessment to 103 incumbent drivers, collecting supervisor ratings of job performance for those drivers, and gathering additional employee data on accidents, theft, and other indicators of driver competency.


The findings showed clearly that the best of the working drivers remain calm under stress and pressure, are trustworthy and safety-conscious, are tactful and effective at maintaining relationships, and take a focused and practical approach to their job.

Specifically, the assessments of the successful drivers showed that they scored low to moderate on the inquisitive scale, and moderate on three scales: adjustment, prudence and interpersonal sensitivity. These four scales were used to establish new guidelines used to select high-performing applicants for the driver jobs. Hogan researchers developed a profile of the best driver, and they set hiring recommendations based on how well applicants matched the profile, based on their HPI results.

Using these results, they grouped the drivers into two groups: those who passed the profile and those who failed to meet the profile. Next, they added the driver-competency ratings from the supervisors for each individual. This comparison showed that drivers passing the profile were nearly four times more likely to be rated as a higher performer by their supervisors than those not meeting the profile. The conclusion was that the profile developed with the HPI could accurately differentiate the good drivers from those characterized by performance problems, rule violations and safety concerns.

These results support using the HPI to help hire drivers, and they show the potential for return on investment as a result of fewer accidents and greater customer satisfaction.