Communications - Senior Management


Communications - Senior Management


A Fortune 500 global communications company wanted to improve promotion procedures for Senior Management. Based on a review of assessment options, the client decided to examine the positive and negative personality characteristics of senior management personnel to assist in the advancement process.


Hogan collected assessment data using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and Hogan Development Survey (HDS) to assess positive and negative personality characteristics, respectively. Specifically, 120 top-level managers completed the HPI and HDS; supervisors provided subjective performance ratings on several dimensions, including judgment, leadership promise and overall potential.


Results indicated that successful Senior Managers take initiative and are eager to advance, works well independently, are perceptive, thoughtful, and cooperative team members, and hold high standards for their own and others' performance. The table below presents the relationships between key HPI scales and advancement potential.


Advancement PotentialAmbitionSociabilityInterpersonal
Leadership Promise.13-.05.15.21
Overall Potential.04-.12.15.25


Furthermore, several negative characteristics lower leadership potential for these Senior Managers. Specifically, individuals found to be overly critical and fault finding, procrastinate when performing uninteresting work, take a more intuitive approach (rather than fact based) to decision-making, and are preoccupied and lacking follow through tend to do less well in leadership roles. The table below presents the relationships between key HDS scales and advancement potential. 


Advancement PotentialSkepticalLeisurelyMischieviousImaginative
Leadership Promise-.16-.18-.13-.11
Overall Potential-.24-.14-.15-.16


Using the HPI and HDS allowed the client to determine the key positive personality characteristics required for successful performance and promotion, as well as the negative personality characteristics most likely to impede leadership potential and promise within the company.