Airline Customer Service Managers


Airline Customer Service Managers


An existing Hogan client and one of the world’s longest operating airline companies sought to improve its selection process for Customer Service Managers. Their current system yielded lower than desired applicant pass rates.


To improve applicant pass rates and the overall value of the client’s selection system for Customer Service Managers, Hogan conducted a criterion-referenced validation study using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). The HPI measures personal characteristics essential for job success whereas the HDS identities derailers that hinder job performance. The MVPI evaluates the fit between an individual and the organisation’s culture.

For this study, 41 incumbent Customer Service Managers completed all three assessments. Concurrently, supervisors rated each Customer Service Manager as either a “High Performer” or a “Low Performer”.


Hogan experts matched incumbent HPI, HDS, and MVPI data with supervisor ratings to determine the personal qualities needed for success as a Customer Service Manager. Based on analyses of HPI data, high performing Customer Service Managers tend to be calm and even-tempered (HPI Adjustment), self-confident (HPI Ambition), perceptive and tactful (HPI Interpersonal Sensitivity), and rule abiding (HPI Prudence). Furthermore, HDS and MVPI data indicate that high performing Customer Service Managers lack volatility and impulsivity (HDS Excitable), enjoy working with teams (HDS Reserved, MVPI Affiliation), having a good time (MVPI Hedonism), striving to achieve (MVPI Power), and being recognized for their achievements (MVPI Recognition).

Based on these findings, Hogan experts developed a profile for selecting successful Customer Service Managers. Customer Service Managers who met this profile were ten times more likely to be classified as a “High Performer” than applicants who did not meet the profile.

Selection OutcomeLowHighTotalModerate Fit
Odds Ratio
High Fit
Odds Ratio
Low Fit9514  
Moderate Fit510156.30 
High Fit11112 10.27