Agriculture - General Managers / Directors


Agriculture - General Managers / Directors


One of the nation’s oldest industrial companies, a multinational corporation employing 47,000 individuals worldwide, sought valid and reliable assessment tools to incorporate into a key leadership development initiative targeted towards their General Manager and Director populations. After a rigorous review of commercially-available assessment tools, the corporation chose to incorporate the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) into a pilot leadership development initiative.


Twenty current General Managers and Directors completed the HPI, HDS, and MVPI. These individuals’ peers, subordinates, and superiors rated their performance via the organisation’s validated 360 measure. Each participant received a structured 1.5-hour feedback session focused on his or her Hogan results from a Hogan-certified coach. During the session, the Hogan coach and the participant worked together to complete a development planning worksheet designed specifically for the client’s pilot program. At the conclusion of each Hogan-based feedback session, each pilot participant walked away with a completed development planning worksheet detailing performance strengths upon which he or she could better capitalize and key development opportunities. A subsequent feedback session helped each pilot participant (a) integrate his or her Hogan and performance assessment results, (b) establish concrete development goals based on recently-trained self insight, and (d) use the information resulting from the assessment processes to enhance his or her individualized development plan.


A post-program survey aimed at gauging pilot participants’ appraisal of the development initiative’s efficacy suggested the following:

  • Although participants preferred information resulting from the performance appraisal process (as compared to information resulting from the Hogan assessment process), they considered the Hogan-based feedback more useful
  • Pilot participants, on average, agreed or strongly agreed that the Hogan-based feedback process:
  1. Was informative, helpful, and a valuable learning experience
  2. Enhanced their level of self-insight
  3. Highlighted development opportunities within their control
  4. Provided a solid foundation for goal setting
  5. Led them to modify their work approach in a positive direction

These results clearly support the use of the Hogan tools and the client has incorporated them into their current leadership development initiative.